[TV-SHOW] We Love TechPara – We Love Techpara VI (2008.03.05) (DVDRIP)

DVD-01 -Gold Tiara Princess Fairy
DVD-02 -Vamps (2) Super Storm
DVD-03 -Mr. Fang Mr. Fang
DVD-04 -Violet (13) Feat. Mr. Fang People Geda Hype
Featuring – Mr. Fang
DVD-05 -Duzic M7
DVD-06 -DJ Zorro La Mano Negra
DVD-07 -In2 Get Up!
DVD-08 -DJ Zorro Hasta Magnana
DVD-09 -DJ Zorro Mundo
DVD-10 -Metal Minded Maniacs F.A.Y. (I.S.D. Remix)
Remix – I.S.D.
We Love TechPara Platinum Medley
DVD-11 -move (2) Overdrive (DJ Zorro Remix)
Remix – DJ Zorro
DVD-12 -Black List Feat. Black Opera Vincero
Featuring – Black Opera
DVD-13 -Rok-Matic Shout
DVD-14 -move (2) Break In2 The Night (Ileus Remix)
Remix – Ileus
DVD-15 -Magma (14) The Fly
DVD-16 -DJ Zorro Zorro (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – DJ Boss (2)
DVD-17 -DJ Zorro La Bamba (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – DJ Boss (2)
DVD-18 -DJ Sick Feat. Dr. D.O.P.E. & Wild (2) Hypercondriac
Featuring – Dr. D.O.P.E., Wild (2)
DVD-19 -DJ Zorro Viernes (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – DJ Boss (2)
We Love TechPara -Hyper Techno Fairy- Medley
DVD-20 -Rain Drop Shower Fairy Dust
DVD-21 -Pain Killer Sallemming (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – DJ Boss (2)
DVD-22 -DJ Zorro El Nino (Mission “HMX” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – Honmax
DVD-23 -Dead Or Alive I Paralyze (B4 Za Beat Remix)
Remix – B4 Za Beat
Remix <"Credited To"> – Bazooka Boyz
DVD-24 -DJ Zorro Desperado
DVD-25 -Emphasis (6) I Come Alive (Mission Power Up Edit)
Edited By – DJ Gun
DVD-26 -DJ Zorro Cuerpo (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – DJ Boss (2)
Re:Construction Track #03
DVD-27 -Maximum Factor Hard Body Baby
Re:Construction Track #04
DVD-28 -DJ Zorro Zorro (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
Edited By <"Re-edit"> – DJ Boss (2)
DJ Mix – DJ Boss (2) (tracks: CD-01 to CD-21)

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