[MUSIC VIDEO] amber gris – night walking toy soldiers (2012.01.14/MP4/RAR) (DVDRIP)

01. element of soul
02. 銀色のコフィン [Gin’iro no Coffin)]
03. Million dead baby songs
04. sinker.
05. sunny day’s seeker
06. 海風と雨と最後の手紙 [Umikaze to ame to saigo no tegami]
07. Room No.13
08. 浴室の人魚 [Yokushitsu no ningyo]
09. 悲しみ暮れる黄金丘陵 [Kanashimi kureru koukin kyuuryou]
10. Amazing world
11. Hazy moon luv gaze
12. Awake or asleep
13. H u m m i n g b a r d ‘ s
14. snoozy and roll
15. ファラウェイ、ファラウェイ。 [Far away, far away.]
16. over flow girl’s sick
17. Love in the first
18. feel me
19. wishstar and sunlight and darkness.
20. lizard skin.
21. in sickness and in health…

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