[Album] 坂本真綾 (Maaya Sakamoto) – 夕凪LOOP [FLAC / 24bit Lossless / WEB] [2005.10.26]


1. Hello
2. ハニー・カム (Honey Come) *note: This is a play on both the words “honey comb” and “hanikamu”, which is to be embarrassed or shy when lovestruck
3. ループ (Loop)
4. 若葉 (Wakaba; New Leaves)
5. パプリカ (Paprika)
6. My Favorite Books
7. 月と走りながら (Tsuki to Hashirinagara; While Running With the Moon)
8. NO FEAR / あいすること (NO FEAR / Aisuru Koto; NO FEAR / To Love)
9. ユニゾン (Unison)
10. 冬ですか (Fuyu Desu Ka; Is It Winter?)
11. 夕凪ループ (Yuunagi Loop; Loop of Evening Calm)
12. a happy ending

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