[Single] フジファブリック – はじまりのうた (2014.11.28/MP3/RAR)

The lyrics of new song “はじまりのうた” of the wisteria fabric were shown in lyrics retrieval service “song net”.

The number that “はじまりのうた” is iTunes Store, mora, レコチョク and is already delivering. Because Soichiro Yamauchi (Vo, G) told with “the love song to all” about this music by the encore of “wisteria fabric LIVE TOUR 2014 “LIFE”” Tokyo held on November 28, the martial arts gymnasium performance in Japan, attention gathered in the lyrics of the musical piece among fans. In addition, I am showing video clip of “はじまりのうた” in YouTube.

In addition, a reprint of book “weekly publication Kanazawa 2007-2014” by Daisuke Kanazawa (Key) is decided. As for this book, YO-KING (true heart Brothers), a special talk with Masafumi Goto (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) are placed in the book with one book which gathered up a column published serially in space shower mobile for approximately six and a half years from October, 2007 to April, 2014.

1. はじまりのうた

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