[Album] Robert de Boron – nostalgic (2016.01.20/MP3/RAR)

累計セールス32万枚を超える「IN YA MELLOW TONE」の立役者として、MELLOW HIP HOP史に残る数々のアンセムを世に送り出してきた鬼才”Robert de Boron”が放つ、初のベスト・アルバム! デジパック仕様。

1. Shine a Light Pt.2 (Let’s Love) [feat. Awa & Oldwun]
2. Jenny (feat. Daichi Diez & Shaira)
3. Chiru (Saisei no Uta)
4. It’s Never too Late (feat. Awa)
5. Love Out Of Sight (feat. Melodee)
6. Carry On (feat. Taro Miura & Dawngun)
7. Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) [feat. Awa & Maitreya]
8. All On The Table (feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na)
9. Be Okay (feat. Kharisma & Jon Wonder)
10. Home (feat. Tunji)
11. In The Rain (feat. Part Time Cooks & Uzu)
12. Take Your Turn (feat. Collective Efforts)
13. Regret Me Not 〜infused by Pachelbel 「Canon」〜
14. Setuna

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