[Album] Dolores Velasquez – ウィズ・ラブ・フロム・トーキョー (2016.04.03/MP3/RAR)

With Love from Tokyo is dedicated to my love affair with Japan, which grows stronger all the time. I have visited Japan 5 times since 2014 and have been so fortunate to sing with Otaka and his band when I’m in town. This last visit I could not resist the chance to record a few beloved standards with two of Tokyo’s best, Otaka on Piano and Shige Kikuta on the Bass. We offer you this little collection of songs we love and hope you will love them too.

1. アローン・トゥゲザー (feat. OTAKA & 菊田茂伸)
2. ブルー・モンク (feat. OTAKA & 菊田茂伸)
3. ムーディーズ・ムード・フォー・ラブ (feat. OTAKA & 菊田茂伸)
4. ユー・ドント・ノウ・ホワット・ラブ・イズ (feat. OTAKA & 菊田茂伸)
5. ザ・ウィンター・ソング (feat. OTAKA & 菊田茂伸)

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